Our end-to-end solution fits your business, regardless of whether you sell 10 units per month or 10,000 units.

We manufacture, pack, and ship your product at our FDA compliant facility.

Cutting edge manufacturing technology.

Crafted by Carbon
Reliable 3D printing
Premium Materials
Zendura FLX
Digital Workflow
A.I. driven workflow
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Branded Packaging

Find the package that fits your needs.

We offer competitively priced packaging materials that can be marked with your brand. Or you can provide your own packaging for us to use. We have low-cost warehouse capacity onsite, with inventory monitoring, to store your packaging materials.
Custom Kitting

We'll match your design spec.

We will sort and pack your aligner parts and assemble your kit according to your design spec. We maintain FDA compliance during the kitting process and apply UDID regulatory markings.
custom kitting box design

We're located near UPS Worldport.

Our proximity to UPS Worldport allows for rapid shipping to anywhere. We'll ship directly to patients or to your office. We can ship with any carrier and we provide transparent package tracking information.
FDA Compliance

"Our facility achieves the highest standards the FDA requires. We have taken every precaution to ensure that we not only adhere to these standards, but build upon them. The result is a well-constructed device that we are highly proud of."

Nick Griffiths,
Quality Manager

Our online customer portal makes approvals easy.

Our single-sign-on portal allows you to submit and approve case information and monitor production, shipping, and billing status in real-time.